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Value Levers

Written by Kenneth Marks & Buddy Howard

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Value Levers: Increase the Value of Your Business From 3x to 7x is for owners, manager and advisors of private, middle-market companies. Those that are thinking about selling their business or that choose to implement mergers, acquisitions or growth strategies in today’s environment often face challenges when engaging with the capital markets, particularly when bridging the valuation gap between market values and owner values. This short book applies traditional corporate finance theory to the real-world dynamics of private, middle-market companies and outlines practical steps to shrink the value gap while increasing the value of your middle market company and becoming transaction ready. The authors of Value Levers are experienced advisors and deal-doers sharing real -world insights into optimizing the value of a company. Visit for additional content and tools.

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Middle Market M&A

Written by Kenneth H Marks et al.

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Middle Market M&A is based on the body of knowledge of the industry-leading benchmark credential, the Certified M&A Advisor (CM&AA) Program, and is an essential reference for advisors, leaders, and executives involved in the life cycle and process of M&A transactions.  In-depth coverage in a single handbook of the middle market based on the body of knowledge of the Certified M&A Advisor™ credential program. M&A advisors have an unprecedented opportunity in the middle market with the generational transfer of wealth and capital being deployed by private equity and corporate investors. Middle Market M&A: Handbook for Investment Banking and Business Consulting is a must-read for investment bankers, M&A intermediaries and specialists, CPAs and accountants, valuation experts, deal and transaction attorneys, wealth managers and investors, corporate development leaders, consultants and advisors, CEOs, and CFOs. Provides a holistic overview and guide on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and strategic transactions of companies with revenues from $5 million to $500 million –
  • Encompasses current market trends, activities, and strategies covering pre, during, and post transaction
  • Addresses the processes and core subject areas required to successfully navigate and close deals in the private capital market
  • Includes content on engagement and practice management for those involved in the M&A business

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The Handbook of Financing Growth

Written by Kenneth H Marks et al.

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The Handbook of Financing Growth, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide for emerging growth and middle market companies, and their leaders and advisors, on financing strategies, sources and transactions.  Written by practitioners and updated in full, this valuable resource presents the tools needed to analyze and determine the financing strategy with a holistic approach in the context of the overall strategic plan. This Second Edition includes a detailed discussion of positioning the business for value creation before the transaction and how the financing strategy fits into the overall plan for growing, raising capital or creating an exit.  The authors also address buyouts and recapitalizations as two alternatives to create shareholder liquidity and potentially finance future growth, and provide a new chapter on M&A. Financing types and funding sources are reviewed, and new case studies highlight financing alternatives and growth equity.
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The Fundamentals of Successful Exits & Acquisitions

The Fundamentals of Successful Exits and Acquisitions by Kenneth H Marks, as published in GE Capital’s newsletter Capitalens.  Merger and acquisition transactions can be a viable alternative for accomplishing a number of strategic objectives in the context of building and realizing value for emerging growth and middle-market companies (those from start-up to several hundred million dollars in revenue). Let’s take a high-level view of the buy-side and sell-side processes, and a framework for thinking about and planning each …read the full article

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How To Finance A Business With Angel Investors

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How To Finance A Business With Angel Investors  by Kenneth H Marks, as published in Forbes.  The landscape for financing early-stage companies continues to evolve along with the rest of our economy. As venture capital funds have grown in size over the past decade amid a significant influx of money from institutional investors, so has their appetite and need to deploy greater amounts of capital  …read the full article

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Doing the Deal on Your Terms

Article from the AICPA’s Corporate Finance Insider written by Kenneth H Marks  – Doing the Deal on Your Terms.

Owners need to think about strategic position, not just current value, when entertaining buyers. For many Baby Boomers who are considering selling their companies in the coming years, a disappointing reality awaits: Their business is not worth what they thought. But that can be changed!  …read the full article

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