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hat’s next? What key decision are you thinking about? Are you sure that your business is going to continue creating value and be worth more tomorrow than today?

Maybe, you’ve gotten to a certain stage or place in the life of your business and you need to make a critical decision. Maybe you’ve been approached by private equity investors or bankers wanting to invest or lend money to you. Or maybe you need to make that next big investment to grow your company ….but you’re just not confident or sure of the right thing to do for you, your customers and your employees?

View the sections below where we share some of our experiences, resources and a discussion about the process we use that provides objectivity and analysis so you can take that next-step or make that strategic decision with clarity and confidence.


The Strategy Navigator® is our proven service for solving tough issues and making strategic decisions. The section below titled “Approach” provides details.

What We Do

Solid decision-making, sound strategy and an objective perspective are part of creating and growing value for the owners of privately held companies.  High Rock Partners views its Strategy practice and frameworks as foundational to helping its clients.  Engineering corporate value and leading corporate development are core to our business.

We use our proven approach to strategy development and problem solving to provide clarity and confidence in:

  • Strategic decisions & direction
  • Growth strategies & positioning
  • Exit strategies & transition plans
  • Financing strategies & options
  • Turnaround plans
  • Valuation & performance optimization

Our Approach

Strategy is taking a long-term view of what you are trying to accomplish, integrating the dynamics specific to a particular company and to its industry, developing a set of initiatives to achieve a particular future position, and then distilling it down into bite-size activities and actions, that in an appropriate sequence, allow you to meet your objectives …in other words, strategy is the set of decisions defining the activities that positions your company advantageously relative to your rivals.

Our strategy development and strategic problem solving is based on an overriding theme of value creation for the shareholders of our client companies using our proven Strategy Navigator® service.


Among other activities, we work with you and your team to:

  • Explore and define your company’s long-term objectives
  • Develop, analyze and evaluate potential scenarios to achieve those objectives. This includes developing financial and operating models to use in measuring and guiding ongoing performance and outcomes
  • Develop detailed action plans for implementation
  • Obtain strategic resources to support implementation
  • Establish an internal working knowledge of the strategic management process

If desired and appropriate, our team can lead or assist implementation of initiatives to affect the strategy.


  • "I engaged High Rock Partners in a consulting project in the Fall of 2008 to help ShareFile develop a valuation model so we could set expectations regarding our exit strategy and decide the best timing for selling our company. Both during and after our project, it was very clear to me that Kenneth’s first priority was delivering value to our company, rather than just trying to generate fees. Kenneth and the High Rock Partners team gave generously of their time and have stayed in touch in the months following our engagement, providing helpful connections, customer referrals, and generally making us feel that they are invested in the success of our business Regarding the deliverables of our consulting engagement, I feel they provided us exactly what we needed. Instead of just giving us a PowerPoint presentation with a valuation number, they provided us with a working model that was customized for our business, allowing us to continue to derive value from their services long after the consulting engagement ended. I would definitely recommend High Rock Partners and we plan to work with them again when we are considering exit strategies and growth opportunities."

    Jesse Lipson
    Jesse Lipson President, ShareFile
  • "When my company's Managing Partners began to see the ever increasing changes in both government policy and market competitiveness in the utility scale solar farm development space we sought out High Rock Partners to assist in evaluating our business model.  With the help of Kenneth and Buddy, the ideation sessions we participated in led to a streamlined organizational structure more attuned to the evolving market environment with profitability enhanced while meeting our goals as owners."

    Gerry Dudzik
    Gerry Dudzik COO, Carolina Solar Energy, LLC
  • "Ken Marks is an extremely knowledgeable expert in the field of Entrepreneurship. Ken's company High Rock Partners has helped ASG grow and become a more efficient company that is considered a better place to work by its employees. Ken has extensive knowledge in management, finance, and business development. I highly recommend Ken for any company who needs outside assistance to take their business to the next level. "

    Jim Baker
    Jim Baker President, ASG, Inc.
  • "I would highly recommend Kenneth and Buddy to any business owner or executive looking to grow their business. We engaged High Rock to help with strategic planning ...they gave me some extremely valuable advice. Moreover, it was obvious that they were looking after my best interests rather than trying to lengthen their engagement. I would be happy to share more details on my experience with High Rock Partners."

    Phil Gruber
    Phil Gruber President, RPG Solutions
  • "We hired High Rock Partners to evaluate our growth plans, challenge our thinking about our strategy, and quantify where we would likely be if things worked the way we planned. They used their Strategy Navigator™ process for these as well as to help us think through and develop alternatives. I would highly recommend Kenneth and his team."

    Matt Ritter
    Matt Ritter Principal, Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors
  • "High Rock Partners provided extremely valuable assistance to me over the past year. The interaction was always intense as we explored the depths of issues and worked to fully understand possible root causes that were holding me and my team back. Once we knew the problem, the coaching was insightful and expanded my perspective of possible actions that I could take to help grow my business. Having a partner with significant business experience enabled me to trust that our collaboration was efficient and well-grounded in proven solutions. Their network proved vast as they helped me connect with other business partners that I didn’t even know existed. I grew, my company grew and I felt that I could trust them to help me solve almost any problem in any area of my business."

    Earl W. Philmon
    Earl W. Philmon Chief Executive Officer, Cellwatch
  • "Kenneth advised me throughout 2008 as we matured as an agency, doubled our staff and scaled to bring on six new clients. Kenneth guided my growth strategy, helped me identify and stick to my goals and build a best class executive team. He also coached me to grow my leadership skills and better handle CEO responsibilities. He was a vital partner and resource to me during a period when stakes were higher than ever before!"

    Brooks Bell
    Brooks Bell President, Brooks | Bell Interactive, Inc.
  • "High Rock Partners helped our company evaluate our strategic alternatives and think through our growth plans. In addition, the relationship with Gonzalo and Kenneth was educational for me, in that I am now much more aware of the financial position of my business. The tools that were put in place to monitor profit divisions within the business give me a quick snapshot of the items that need attention. The relationship with them forced me to be accountable. Before my involvement with them, I had no one pushing me on issues in the business that needed to be corrected. The result has been nearly doubling our business in the past couple of years."

    David Fitchett
    David Fitchett President, Carolina Glass & Mirror, Inc.

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