Our Services

Strategic and M&A Advisory

using Enterprise Value Engineering™ to optimize outcomes


igh Rock Partners offers strategic and M&A advisory services; helping our clients make the optimal decision and execute on major strategic moves.  These include selling their company, acquiring a company, financing growth and key corporate and shareholder issues.  We provide your team with an objective perspective, a broad network of resources, expertise in deal-making, and senior level staff to address strategic issues. Our perspective is based on analysis and experience, and our deal-making is, among other things, a combination of analysis, relationship-building, and transaction expertise.  We use our Enterprise Value(EV) Engineering® approach and tools to optimize results based on your ambitions and objectives.

Many times we act as our client’s outsourced corporate development or corporate finance department, augmenting their executive team’s capability and capacity. In addition, we bring external process and knowledge as our clients seek to research and clarify strategic issues and potential alternate solutions. You can view High Rock Partners as a hybrid professional services firm (strategy and M&A) enabling access to leading-edge strategic thinking coupled with sophisticated, yet practical, investment banking deal skills wrapped in entrepreneurial and agile execution …all focused on the needs of private business owners.

Make Bold Strategic Moves with Confidence

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