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as your strategy or plan led you on the path of buying another company? Possibly a competitor or industry player has come on the market and you have the opportunity to acquire them? If so, are you clear on how to approach them, how to finance the deal and how to get it done without distracting your team and missing your numbers?

If done right, acquisitions can lead to incredible strategic leverage, new capabilities, access to new markets …and many other value-adding objectives. The key is pricing them correctly, mitigating the risks and executing a well thought-out integration plan.

Below we highlight some of the lessons learned, how we think about buying and integrating businesses, and links and resources that may help in building your business.


The Mergers & Acquisitions Accelerator® is our proven service for developing and implementing an acquisition plan. The section below titled “Approach” provides details.

What We Do

High Rock Partners is a true partner in developing and implementing an acquisition strategy.  In fact, some of our clients think of us as their outsourced corporate development (or corporate finance) department …taking a holistic approach beginning with your overall corporate strategy and ending after the first 100 days of integration.  The list below highlights some of the key areas of service that we provide in the context of acquiring and integrating businesses:

  • Corporate strategy development
  • M&A strategy & target identification (domestic and cross-border)
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Valuation & analytics
  • Deal financing
  • Lead negotiations
  • Financial & strategic due diligence
  • Integration planning
  • Post-transaction integration

Our Approach

This graph illustrates the high-level steps involved in the acquisition process. In concept there are three major phases which we have simplified into two. The first involves having a well defined corporate strategy which might identify gaps or capabilities that may instigate an acquisition strategy. Second major phase involves the identification and deal process to actually purchase another business. The third phase is integration. Each of these is critical to the success of the overall process. High Rock is unique in its approach of leading strategy development (or confirmation) through – – the transaction with financing – – through the first 100 days of integration.



  • "American Support engaged High Rock Partners as strategic and corporate finance advisors to assist in the process of acquiring Evergreen Sales & Marketing. Kenneth Marks and his team helped us understand the likely sources and alternative deal structures, and to prepare our financial outlook in a format that would be understood by the various lending institutions being pursued to finance the acquisition and fund working capital. The High Rock Partners team adapted the analysis to accommodate the requests of the lenders and helped us understand the impact and outcomes of the credit facilities being presented to us; offering real world perspective on what was market and the relative benefits and risks. Once we selected the lending institutions, the High Rock team stayed involved during the due diligence process to provide guidance and support. We enjoy working with High Rock Partners and would highly recommend them. "

    Matthew Zemon
    Matthew Zemon CEO, American Support
  • "Kenneth Marks is a professional and reliable font of knowledge when it comes to all things M&A. I have had the pleasure of working with him to help diligence a transaction and found him to be a great resource to augment an in-house Corporate Development function. He has literally written the book on M&A Finance and is a go-to-guy for solid M&A guidance. I look forward to working with him again in the future."

    Susan Acker-Walsh
    Susan Acker-Walsh COO (former), SciMetrika
  • "High Rock Partners was extremely helpful in developing a buyout strategy and acquiring investors for our team. They took, what seemed to us, an overwhelming impossibility and made it a reality. Kenneth and Buddy were extremely patient and spent a lot time and energy in helping us with our transaction. They broke down every piece of the complicated transaction, into easy-to-understand steps and explained the reasoning behind it in terms that we could understand. There was never a doubt that they had our best interests in mind and their efforts demonstrated their personal commitment to our team. To us, they have become more than M&A Advisors – they are trusted friends."

    Ken Jarvis
    Ken Jarvis Co-founder & Member, Aegis Performance
  • "High Rock Partners helped ArcaTech to create an accurate cash flow forecasting and financial planning model that has become an integral part of the way we run our company. They were very quick to understand the critical aspects of our business that had to be modeled and they did a great job of training our staff and transitioning the work to be a 100% internal function. Their team supported our management in analyzing and thinking-through a number of strategic alternatives and situations. I highly recommend Kenneth Marks and the rest of the team at High Rock."

    Mort O'Sullivan
    Mort O'Sullivan President, ArcaTech Systems, Inc.

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