Enterprise Value(EV) Engineering®

Optimizing for Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures


Enterprise Value(EV) Engineering® is our unique and proprietary framework and process for M&A and divestitures (i.e. company sale) to increase a target company’s value, while concurrently attaining other shareholder ambitions and objectives.  By running each target company and owner through our comprehensive suite of interrelated tools, the output is a highly customized and specific road map for building value and lowering the company’s risk profile.

While the specific tools and methods deployed within our Enterprise Value(EV) Engineering® framework or overall process depend on the unique situation of each client… typical solutions are derived by and implemented using the following:

  • Quadracycle™ (Q chart) analysis to assist in clarifying our client’s goals and objectives
  • Value Creation Analysis™ (“VCA”) to establish the company’s current value and to identify specific operational, strategic and financial factors for optimal change.  The VCA is the detailed version of our Value Levers Assessment™
  • Strategy Navigator™ (including our Filter) to develop realistic strategic alternatives and prioritize initiatives for action
  • Transition Accelerator™, M&A Accelerator™ or Financing Accelerator™ (depending on the objectives) is used to skillfully initiate and navigate the ownership transition or financing process from start to finish

While Enterprise Value(EV) Engineering® is appropriate at all stages of a company’s life, it’s ideal for those contemplating an M&A transaction.

Make Bold Strategic Moves with Confidence

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