Workouts, Turnarounds, Restructuring & Distressed M&A


igh Rock Partners has experience in solving tough problems. Whether the company is in decline or in an out-right crisis, we can assist in stabilizing the situation, determining a viable long-term plan and then implementing that plan to return the business to creating value for the stakeholders. Our approach is holistic in addresssing both operational issues and strategic positioning. We have capabilities in the four traditional areas of turnaround management: (1) analysis, (2) emergency phase, (3) strategic change and (4) growth. And provide both tactical and strategic support; either in leading the entire change process or supporting the team with a mandate. As you contemplate your next steps, keep in mind the seven essentials of a successful turnaround plan.



Tactical Support

  • Analyzing performance and determining root causes / issues
  • Developing short-term initiatives for immediate impact
  • Developing cash flow plans
  • Negotiating with suppliers and creditors to restructure liabilities
  • Arranging short-term capital sources

Strategic Change

  • Determining a viable long-term growth strategy and market position
  • Providing leadership to effect change (supporting existing management, augmenting the team or taking a lead role)
  • Providing Board level oversight for long-term transformation and value creation for stakeholders
  • Restructuring the balance sheet – establishing long-term sources of capital
  • Acquisition or sale of distressed assets (distressed M&A)

Make Bold Strategic Moves with Confidence

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