Make Bold Moves with Confidence!

What’s the burning issue or next big move for your company?

…what is going to move the needle for your company? Valuations are at all-time highs and the capital markets are open for business. Should you consider selling your company, or taking some chips off the table, or buying another business to leapfrog your competition?

Here’s a tough message … if your company doesn’t grow, it is likely to become irrelevant to your customers and the market.  Not many businesses can sit-still or tread water …it takes strategic and bold moves to accelerate growth, remain relevant and thrive…..all focused on value creation.  Interestingly – – the core concepts and activities evaluated and strengthened for a solid growth strategy, financing, acquisitions or selling the company – – are nearly the same.   In the end, value creation is about creating future cash flow!


How we can help you –

We provide an unbiased, objective perspective. You can think of us as the honest broker and strategic thinker focused on your ambitions and goals.  We won’t tell you what you want to hear, rather, we will share what our analysis and experience says with creative and practical solutions to improve.  Many of our clients think of us as their corporate development or corporate finance department – – on an outsourced or part-time basis.

Where to start?

Our core process for making big decisions is the Strategy Navigator™.  It is supported by an array of proven techniques and tools, and implemented using our experience and street smarts in business and the capital markets.  We have some variations depending on what your specific situation is ….here’s a quick video to jump start your thinking.

Why High Rock Partners?

♦ Recognized Expertise  ♦  Proven Track Record  ♦  Proven Process  ♦  Trusted Resource

Not to brag, but we wrote the book(s) on doing deals in the middle-market; and then embedded that knowledge and wisdom into proven processes. Couple our capital markets, finance, and strategy acumen with our track record of performance and operational understanding, and you have a unique capability … ready to work for you and your team.  Here’s a little more about us.


Let’s start the conversation –

Reach-out to us in whatever way is comfortable for you.  Email, call or write!  Let’s schedule a time for us to hear your story and to begin to understand your opportunity and needs.

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