Last week at our local NFA chapter meeting I listened intently to Raymond King of the Toronto Stock Exchange share his insights into the market from the Canadian perspective.  What really caught my attention is the creativity and progressiveness that the TSX has applied in filling the need for late stage venture and growth funds in their country (and how it can be available to foreign businesses too, i.e. those in the U.S.A.).   The TSX has a  platform called the TSX Venture Exchange that enables revenue generating companies that are within a year or two of profitability to raise growth financing in the equity markets …you’ll need to raise $5 million plus for it to make sense.  I was also impressed with the breadth of sectors and industries supported.  For example, the TSX has the largest clean technology public market in the world.

Here’s a copy of the September 2010 presentation with significant background about the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange.

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